Syngeneic models

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Medicilon offers syngeneic mouse models suitable for the evaluation of immunobiological-based therapies.

Syngeneic models

Cancer Type Cell Line
Breast carcinoma 4T1; EMT6; JC; C1271
Lung cancer LLC, LLC1-luc, KLN205
Colon carcinoma CT26.WT, CMT-93
Kidney carcinoma RENCA
DLBCL lymphoma A20
T cell lymphoma EL4
AML C1498
Leukemia L1210, WEHI-3
Hepatoma Hepa1-6
Melanoma B16-F10
Plasmacytoma J558, MPC-11
Lymphoma P388D1, L5178-R (LY-R), E.G7-OVA

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