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Mammalian Expression system

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Mammalian protein expression system has the function of protein folding and post-translational modification which let the protein closer to the natural protein, so that to obtain the same biological activity with natural protein. Therefore, the Mammalian Cell Expression System is the most widely used in the development and production of recombinant protein drugs, particularly in the therapeutic monoclonal antibodies.

The mammalian protein expression system that Medicilon provides is based on a serum-free cultivated system to provide the gene expression optimization, transient expression, stable expression and antibody production and other eukaryotic protein services.

Researchers of Medicilon established a well-developed mammalian protein expression system and purification services platform, which offers the expression and purification services of a variety of recombinant protein , antibody or  fragment of antibody.

Mammalian Expression

  • CHO, Vero, BHK, HEK293 cells etc
  • Adherence and suspension culture
  • Transient expression screen
  • Stable cell line generation
Steps Items Timeline Comments
1 Construction and preparation of recombinant mammalian expression vectors 3 weeks Different label using: Fc, human serum albumin, 3xFlag, GST, 6His…
2 Transient expression test for CHO and HEK293 cells 2 weeks Western blot detection
3 Transient expression for large volume of recombinant proteins or antibodies 4 weeks PEI transient transfection
4 Stable cell line for recombinant protein or antibody TBD CHO-S and CHO-DG44 cell platforms
5 Cultivated by CHO suspension cell bioreactor TBD 3-30L volume

Rabbit IgG expressed in transient transfected 293 cells

Note: The condition medium was run in 10%SDS-PAGE gel and stained with coomassie blue

Advantages of mammalian protein expression
There are no examples of higher eukaryotic proteins, which could not be made in detectable levels, and in a form identical to the natural host.
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