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Drug Formulation

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Drug Formulation

We have the professional formulation technical platform and the most experienced team, which could offer fully integrated pharmaceutical services and meet different requirements of our clients. We focus on the development of solid dosage forms, semisolid dosage forms, liquid dosage forms and sterile dosage forms. Our formulation group is also highly experienced in developing sustained release dosage forms, micro-particle dosage forms, protein and peptide drugs, etc. We have a good track record of successful integrated drug development programs for our clients. We can apply to FDA, CFDA and EMEA.

  • Research on Quality Control

    Research on Quality Control

    Our CMC department focuses on establishing large-scale synthetic routes along with formulation development and quality control. Our drug categories can be proprietary drugs or generic drugs. All studies are complied with ICH and CFDA guidelines.

  • Clinical Trial Material Manufacturing, Packaging & Labeling

    Clinical Trial Material Manufacturing, Packaging & Labeling

    Medicilon’s packaging can provide single window and double blind clinical trial material labeling options. We can also provide different types of line with current GMP standard clinical production of packaging services based on customer requirements.