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IVIS Lumina Series III Preclinical In Vivo Imaging Systems

저자:   업로드:2016-01-20  조회수:

01/20/2016 Medicilon Instruments’ family has a new member: IVIS Lumina Series III Pre-clinical In Vivo Imaging Systems 
Medicilon new instrument, IVIS Lumina Series Pre-clinical In Vivo Systems for our animal, has been in use. This new purchase is being improved and perfected Medicilon pre-clinical service.  

The IVIS® Lumina Series III pre-clinical in vivo imaging platform integrates high standard bioluminescence and fluorescence imaging into a single benchtop unit.

The Lumina Series III platform integrates multiple modalities including photographic, bioluminescent, fluorescent imaging, X-Ray, radioisotopic/Cerenkov and high speed real-time imaging. The Lumina Series III platform introduces a novel high performance fluorescence imaging technology integrating a full spectrum of high resolution filter sets, superior near infrared (NIR) light transmission and Compute Pure Spectrum spectral unmixing.  The ultra-high NIR transmission software enhanced spectral unmixing allows performing almost any in vivo optical application, with full tunability, supporting over a hundred dyes and reporters that emit from green to near-infrared.

IVIS Lumina Series III Pre-clinical In Vivo Imaging Systems

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