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Nation Mourned Covid19 Victims in China at April 4th

저자:medicilon   업로드:2020-04-04  조회수:

Nation Mourned Covid-19 Victims in China at April 4th

A national mourning period was held on Saturday, this year’s Tomb Sweeping Day, to commemorate those who succumbed to COVID-19.

To express profound condolences to martyrs who sacrificed their lives in fighting the novel coronavirus disease and compatriots who died of the pathogen, national flags will be lowered to half-mast across the country and at Chinese embassies on that day. Public recreational activities will be suspended nationwide.

The epidemic has killed 3,322 people on the Chinese mainland as of late Friday, according to the National Health Commission. Among them, there are 61 medical staff who fought against the virus at the very front.

Rest in peace. Our deepest prayers and condolences to all the fallen heroes we’ve lost and their mourning families. Your sacrifice will never be forgotten.


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