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Medicilon Biological Drugs Antibodies Laboratory Will Be Operated Soon

저자:   업로드:2015-11-19  조회수:

Medicilon’s Biological Drugs (Antibodies) Laboratory will be operated soon.  Medicilon could provide more biology services to our clients combined with our usual biology services.  The biology services that Medicilon provides have commercialization of proprietary vector and high expression cell line-specific license.  Medicilon has high quality and stability of high-expressing cell lines.  We can provide the cell lines, expressing proteins and antibodies in a quick and inexpensive way to our clients. 


Below is the newly added biology service:


High Expressing Cell Lines (Instant Transfer and Stably Transfer) Development Services:

Cell Line Development and Clone Screening

Domestication of Suspension Culture Cells
Domestication of Cell Lines in Serum-Free or Animal-Protein-Free

Mass Production of Biological Drugs

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