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Deputy Director of Shanghai Municipal Development and Reform Commission examined Medicilon

저자:medicilon   업로드:2021-08-06  조회수:

On August 4, 2021, Mr. Qing Ruan, Deputy Director of Shanghai Municipal Development and Reform Commission, and his team visited Shanghai Medicilon Inc. (Medicilon) at Chuansha Park for examination. Professor Shuangqing Peng, CSO of Medicilon; Yaoliang Zhang, Director of the Administration Department; and Nanmei Zhou, Director of the Public Affairs accompanied the examination and organized a symposium.

During the symposium, the examination team listened to the report by Professor Peng Peng, CSO of Medicilon. Professor Peng briefly introduced the company’s basic situation and the development of recent years, focusing on the new drug R&D service platform that Medicilon has vigorously deployed and the overall strategic plan for the future.

The examination team congratulated Medicilon for its achievements in persisting in innovation-driven development, and highly praised of Medicilon’s 17-year focus on preclinical drug R&D and to be at the forefront of new drug R&D. Director Ruan said that the biopharmaceutical industry has been given more new missions in the post-pandemic era. The examination team encouraged Medicilon to actively seize the opportunity, to strengthen the communication and collaboration between all parties, and to make steady progress in order to make greater contributions to the society.

Professor Peng expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the research team for the suggestions, and said that Medicilon will continue to focus on innovative drug research and development, deploy innovative research and development platforms with a global perspective and integrate internal and external resources in order to promote the biopharmaceutical industry of Shanghai and China.

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