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  • Antibody Drug Antibody

    Antibody Drug Antibody

    Medicilon offers clients with a pool of payload drugs of various mechanisms. We also offer custom synthesis of payload drugs as clients demands. Our animal models are all established and maintained under the regulation of AAALAC. We conduct our tests with GLP-like standards.​

  • IND Filing

    IND Filing

    Our one-stop comprehensive integrated service utilizes our Biology, Chemistry and Preclinical services for the convenience of our clients. This route features the insight and expertise of our entire management team and a more economical solution to advancing your breakthroughs.

  • E.coli protein expression system

    E.coli protein expression system

    E. coli expression system is the earliest developed and most widely used gene expression system. In recent decades, E.coli expression system has been popularly used and developed for producing a wide variety of different types of proteins.

  • Yeast expression system

    Yeast expression system

    Yeast expression system contains the advantages of both prokaryotic and eukaryotic system, such as easy scaling up, high expression level, proper protein folding, fast growth rate and low cost, which makes them widely used in industry and research field.

  • Baculovirus expression system

    Baculovirus expression system

    Baculovirus expression vector system (BEVS) is a power system to produce a variety of prokaryotic and eukaryotic protein. It is also an efficient tool for preparing vaccines.

  • Mammalian Expression system

    Mammalian Expression system

    Medicilon offers expression, optimization,and purification of recombinant proteins in suspension-based mammalian cells. We can also offer these services with a number of different affinity tags.