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Neurological Disorders Models

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Our Pharmacology department functions in accordance with the needs of our customers for a variety of effective animal models used to detect drug effectiveness. We offer non-human primates, dogs, mice and rats, rabbits, guinea pigs and others in our services.

Disease Model Species
Pain Tests
Hot-Plate Mouse/Rat
Tail flick Mouse/Rat
Formalin test (phase I & phase II) Mouse/Rat
Acetic acid induced writhing Mouse
LPS-induced thermal hyperalgesia Guinea pig
STZ-induced diabetic neuropathy Rat
Sedation Potentiated pentobarbital-induced sleep Mouse
Forced swimming test Mouse/Rat
Tail suspension test Mouse
5-HTP-induced head twitches potentiation (5-HT) Mouse
Reserpine-induced ptosis Mouse
Yohimbine-induced lethality Mouse
Anti-Parkinson Tests Oxotremorine-induced tremors/salivation Mouse
Reserpine antagonism Mouse
6-OHDA-induced rotation behavior Rat
Antidementia Tests Morris water maze Mouse/Rat
Antipsychotic Tests Apomorphine-induced stereotype Mouse/Rat
MK-801 induced hyperlocomotion Mouse
Anticonvulsant Tests Pentylenetetrazol-induced clonic seizure Mouse
Bicuculline-induced clonic seizure Mouse
Picrotoxin-induced clonic seizure Mouse
Miscellaneous Rotarod Mouse
Spontaneous locomotor activity Mouse

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