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Biology Services

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Biology Services

The Biology department of Medicilon has an extensive experience in molecular biology, cell biology, in vitro biology and structural biology.

  • Recombinant Protein Services

    Recombinant Protein Services

    Medicilon is a leading provider of comprehensive, high quality recombinant protein and bioprocess services. We offer a variety of recombinant protein expression platforms along with a host of other protein services like chemical protein synthesis, protein refolding and structural biology services.

  • Crystallization & Structural Determination

    Crystallization & Structural Determination

    Medicilon established a well-developed structural biology research platform. Medicilon is proud as the one firstly provides gene to crystal structure service in China. Medicilon has well-established integrated service platform, which has been certified as an important platform for drug discovery by Shanghai Government.

  • Discovery Biology Services

    Discovery Biology Services

    Our Discovery Biology department offers services supporting structure-based drug discovery from determination of novel targets to final structures. Our platform is one of the earliest established structural biology platforms in China and has been certified by the Shanghai Government.

  • SeMet Media Sales

    SeMet Media Sales

    Medicilon offers prepackaged M9 selenomethionine (SeMET) growth media kits and packages for growing cell culture in IPTG-inducible bacterial expression systems, leading to the production of SeMET-labeled proteins for crystallographic studies using MAD.