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Corporate Culture

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Our Vision:

Our vision is to become the global leader in CRO industry. We provide full range of preclinical research services to the global pharmaceutical companies, research institutions and the researchers for speeding up the drug research process.

Our Mission:

Our missions are: 
Always innovative on drugs development.
Impartially evaluate the drugs.
Developing the drugs in a economic way.

Our Values:

Focus on Innovation

To solve the professional problems with a professional technique; To achieve the professional innovation by accumulation of professional experience. Innovations are everywhere including technology, idea, product and service. Through the innovation, we will become the best CRO. Everything must have a way to improve.

Focus on Innovation

Connect with clients and suppliers to form the community of interest and establish a long-term partnership. Keep communicating with the chains and CRO could play a “bridge” role. Establish a standardized business operation rule to achieve the development for both company and employees.

Clients are our first priority

Reach the clients’ target; Achieve clients’ satisfaction; exceed client’s expectations.
Meet all the clients’ requirements including but not limited to quality, speed, cost, compliance and IP protection.
Use our heart to communicate with our clients and serve our clients with the highest integrity.

Love our jobs

Serious and responsible to our job.
Enjoy learning during the work which improve our ability.
Respect and cooperate with others to create better working environment.