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Small Molecule Services

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Medicilon offers comprehensive and FDA/CFDA GLP-compliant bioanalytical services to support preclinical and clinical development of small molecule drugs.

Bioanalytical services for small molecule drugs


  • Staffed with experienced scientists
  • Watson LIMS™ in place
  • US FDA inspected and CFDA GLP-certified
  • Data accepted by global regulatory authorities 

State-of-the-Art Equipment

  • SCIEX Triple Quad 6500+
  • SCIEX Triple Quad 5500
  • SCIEX API 4000
  • Waters UPLC
  • Shimadzu UHPLC

LC/MS/MS Method Development & Validation

Development, transfer, and optimization of methods for quantification of drugs in biological matrices 
Quick turnaround time to speed up the drug development process 

Small Molecule Analysis for drugs

We support:
International clinical trials
BA/BE studies
GLP-compliant preclinical research 
Early DMPK screening 

Reference standards and stable isotope labeled internal standards synthesis
Our chemistry department offers fast and low-cost synthesis of reference standards and stable isotope labeled internal standards.

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