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Synthetic Chemistry

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We have a strong synthetic chemistry team with solid analytical chemistry support. We commit to provide high quality products and services in a timely manner. With professional trainings, close communication and strong problem-solving abilities, our team could ensure projects progress is going smoothly. 

Custom Synthesis

We provide reference compounds, intermediates, drug candidates, impurities, metabolites, and other small molecule chemicals from milligram to kilogram level (including GMP quality).

  • From milligram to kilogram level high quality product preparation
  • Special reagent, intermediate and template preparation
  • API or related material preparation
  • Impurity and metabolite study
  • Analytical Support
  • Related reports

Medicilon is a comprehensive CRO in the field of biology and medicine. We commit to provide customers with fast and efficient service. Our unique "customized" process development mode is also fully embodies this idea.  We can collaborate with the clients to get the API as soon as possible in order to begin the clinical study.

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