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Executive Team

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  • Chunlin Chen, Ph.D. CEO

    Dr. Chen was founder and CEO of Medicilon Inc. Medicilon’s core business is to provide preclinical chemistry, ADMET and biology services to pharmaceutical companies and biotech companies. Prior to founding Medicilon, Dr. Chen had work experience in the USA, as a Staff Investigator at Department of Pharmacokinetics and Metabolism in Vertex Pharmaceuticals and as the Director of Pharmaceutical Department at Parker Hughes Cancer Center.
    In addition, Dr. Chen currently serves as Associate Director for Pharmacokinetics and Drug Metabolism Section of Shanghai Pharmacology Society and visiting Professor for China Pharmaceutical University. Dr. Chen got several awards including Excellent Teacher Award from China Pharmaceutical University, Research Excellent Award from Oklahoma State University and an Excellent returnee award from Chinese government.

  • Guolin Wang, MBA, Board Secretary

    Guolin Wang, MBA, Board Secretary

    Mr. Wang holds a masters degree in business administration from the Open University of Hong Kong. Before joining Shanghai Medicilon Inc. in 2008, Mr. Wang has 9 years of middle and senior level management experience in China Telecom, a large-scale state-owned enterprise, and 6 years of senior management experience in China Unicom, a listed company at home and abroad, as well as 3 years of senior management experience in investment management and health care industry. He served as Deputy General Manager in the municipal branch of China Telecom and China Unicom. He also served as General Manager in a health care investment company. He has rich experience on management and investment.

  • Shuangqing Peng Ph.D  VP of Preclinical 

    Shuangqing Peng Ph.D CSO

    Ph.D. of pharmacology at Academy of Military Medical Sciences. Post doctor of preventive medicine at Peking University. Post doctor of pharmacology at Michigan State University. Ph.D. supervisor and research fellow at Academy of Military Medical Sciences, vice chairman of China toxicology society, and executive director of China environmental mutagens society. Worked as the director of the national center for drug safety evaluation and research and the director of the toxicology evaluation and research center of the PLA institute of disease control and prevention.
    Undertook the construction of national GLP technology platform, presided over and undertook more than 40 national scientific research projects, including the 973 project, the 863 project and the national science and technology special project of major new drug creation. Has published over 300 scientific papers, including more than 100 SCI papers. Edited and participated in 13 monographs. Won 12 national, provincial and ministerial science and technology achievement awards. Was awarded special government allowance by the state council, post allowance for outstanding military personnel, honorary title of “national outstanding scientific and technological worker” by China association for science and technology, and outstanding contribution award by China toxicology society. Trained more than 90 master, doctoral and postdoctoral students. Academic posts include new drug evaluation expert of the state food and drug administration, medical device evaluation expert, new chemical substance evaluation expert of the ministry of environmental protection and deputy editor of ETAP.

  • Xiaodong Zhang Ph.D  VP of Preclinical

    Xiaodong Zhang Ph.D VP of Preclinical

    Dr. Xiaodong Zhang has nearly 20 years of experiences in non-clinical drug safety evaluation. Dr. Zhang received his PhD Degree in pharmacology from Institute of Basic Medical Science at Second Military Medical University. Before joining Medicilon, he was Deputy Director of the Department of Hygiene and Toxicology(Center of Evaluation for Drug Safety) at Second Military Medical University. As a Director leading the Study Director group to provide regulated GLP non-clinical safety evaluation packages for IND application. He is an expert in drug consulting group of Center for Drug Evaluation and the member of the Committee of Drug Toxicology & Safety Evaluation, CST, CPA and CNPHAS.

  • Baomin Xin, Ph.D. VP of DMPK & BA

    Baomin Xin, Ph.D. VP of DMPK & BA

    Dr. Baomin Xin has nearly 20 years of experiences in the pharmaceutical industry, serving executive and leadership roles in both the US and China. Before joining Medicilon, Dr. Xin has worked at major pharmaceutical companies and CROs, including Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS), DuPont Pharmaceutical Company (DPC), and WuXi AppTec. As a Principal Scientist leading the Bioanalytical Research Department at BMS Hopewell site, Dr. Xin has made significant contributions to many discovery programs within the company, especially in the Cardiovascular and Metabolic Disease therapeutic areas, successfully bringing several new medicines to the market including Eliquis (Apixaban).
    Dr. Xin also worked at WuXi AppTec, leading the Bioanalytical Services Department (LC-MS) to provide regulated (GLP/GCP) bioanalysis to support new drug development projects from pharmaceutical companies worldwide, as well as BE projects for the generic drug sector. His team has successfully passed over 20 NMPA inspections and a US FDA inspection without 483s. Dr. Xin got his PhD degree under Professor Milton L Lee at Brigham Young University (BYU).

  • Xingquan Ma, Ph.D. VP of Chemistry

    Xingquan Ma, Ph.D. VP of Chemistry

    Dr. Ma was awarded his Ph.D degree in Bioorganic Chemistry from the prestigious Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry (SIOC), Chinese Academy of Science in 2001. Dr. Ma was further trained over 5 years in Medical Research in top academia organizations in the United stated, such as, as Associate Researcher in the Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) with Prof. M. G. Finn, and as Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) with Dr. Pavol Kovac.
    Dr. Ma joined Shanghai ChemPartner, an internationally famous CRO company, as Senior Director in 2006, and joined Shanghai Medicilon as VP of Chemistry in 2008. During this period of 13 years’ CRO research, Dr. Ma significantly contributed to multitudinous drug discover projects, in which currently five compounds were in clinical research stage, and one approved to market by FDA. Dr. Ma has rich experience in carbohydrate chemistry and bio-chemistry, and their related areas. Dr. Ma has over 20 peer-reviewed publications.

  • Jinna Cai, Ph.D. VP of Business Development Dept

    Jinna Cai, Ph.D. VP of Business Development Dept.

    Dr. Cai completed her whole high-level education at China Pharmaceutical University from Bachelor to Ph.D. Conducted research with Medical University of Toyama and Institution of Natural Medicine cooperatively. Later, she worked at Chinese Academy of Sciences Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica.
    Over 30 years of dedication in new drug development and research. Was awarded the first Prize for Science and Technology Progress by State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 1991 and National Awards for Science and Technology Grade I in 1992. Worked for Huiren Group as director of R&D Center for 5 years. Was awarded one of the top 10 employees by Huiren Group in 2006 and Excellent Management Individual of Provincial Technological Center during the “10th –five-year “by Jiangxi Province. Dr. Cai joined Medicilon in July 2008 and took on the position of BD Head of Chinese market and then Vice President of BD Department.

  • Haifeng Yin Ph.D. VP of Process Chemistry Dept.

    Haifeng Yin Ph.D. VP of Process Chemistry Dept.

    Medicinal Chemistry Ph.D. of China Pharmaceutical University. Post-doctoral Research Fellow in Department of Chemistry, Ohio State University. Participated in the generic synthesis of budesonide (treatment of pediatric asthma), finasteride (treatment of prostate hyperplasia), nadolol (treatment of cardiovascular diseases) and other medicines, as well as the total synthesis of natural product disteroids which is usually extracted from deep sea sponge during his study at the Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Assisted in the synthesis of the hexasaccharide repeat structure and its total fragments as well as studying its stereoselectivity, in order to search and synthesize the new generation of antibiotics. Engaged in oligopeptide research and the development of a new drug research and development platform, and participated in the construction of a high-throughput solid-phase drug screening model, which is used for new drug screening. Prior to Medicilon, he was the CEO of Shanghai Kanghua and Shanghai Anhua.

  • Baohong Cao Ph.D. VP of pharmacology Dept.

    Baohong Cao Ph.D. VP of pharmacology Dept.

    Over twenty-five years of combined professional experience in Academic research and Pharmaceutical industry and over 10 years of people/team manage experience. Surgery Ph.D. in Beijing Medical University, post-doctoral research associate at State Serum Institute, Copenhagen, Denmark. Dr. Cao used to do research work at University of Pittsburgh & Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, Benaroya Research Institute (Seattle) and Novartis Institutes of Biomedical Research. His work was published by top academic magazines, such as Nature Cell Biology, Nature Biotechnology and Journal of Cell Biology. Prior to Medicilon, Dr. Cao worked for Shanghai ChemPartner Co., Ltd. as senior director, MI Bioresearch Inc. as study operations director and Wuxi Apptech Inc. as senior director in Immune oncology.