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Analytical Development

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Medicilon provides full range of analytical services, including method development and validation, analytical testing and release, stability study, large scale separation and regulatory CMC documentation services. State-of-the-art instruments, cutting-edge technologies and experienced scientific staff ensure efficient, high-quality and cost-effective services.

Analytical/Stability/CMC Package for IND/CTA, NDA/MAA & ANDA

  • End-to-end services with high quality and fast turnaround time providing cost effective solutions
  • One stop to shop for all the needs in analytical & stability, quality control and regulatory CMC documentation
  • Package qualified for both China and global submission (“China for China” and “China for global”)

Method Development and Validation

  • A wide range of chromatography techniques (HPLC, UPLC, GC, and IC) and detection technologies (UV, MS, MS/MS, CAD, ELSD, RI, FID, ECD, ICP, Florescence, etc) to meet the requirements of different types of compounds
  • Stability-indicating assay and/or related substances methods for drug substance and drug products (tablets, capsules/liquid filled capsules, solution/suspension, powder, beads/coated beads, injectables, topicals, solid dispersion, etc)
  • Other specific methods, like dissolution (IR, ER, MR), residual solvents, potential genotoxic impurity, enatiomeric separation, cleaning validation, counter-ion, microbiological test, etc
  • Provide method development experimental design, progress report, method validation protocol and report, method monograph
  • Phase appropriate approaches – qualified for IND/CTA or NDA/MAA application

Analytical Testing and Release

  • Analytical support for formulation development and cleaning validation
  • Reference standard characterization with CoA or full characterization report
  • Confirmation of structure or absolute configuration determination
  • Structure elucidation for impurity/degradation product by LC/MS/MS and a variety of NMR spectroscopy
  • Degradation pathway ascertainment with report for regulatory submission
  • Leachable/extractable testing

Stability Study

  • Global registration stability; experimental/probe stability; post-approval commercial stability
  • Comprehensive services with stability protocol design, program management, storage and testing, data trending/shelf life assessment up to dossier preparation for NDA/MAA application
  • Storage conditions: 40°C/75%RH, 30°C/75%RH, 30°C/65%RH, 25°C/60%RH and light or customized conditions including 2-8°C, -20°C, -70°C, 25/40, 30/35, 40/20, 50/40 (new)
  • Qualified stability rooms/chambers (IQ/OQ/PQ and mapping); multiple types of power supply; real time temperature and humidity monitor (dual systems); autodial alert system

Regulatory CMC Documentation

  • Dedicated regulatory writing group with strong documentation experience and proven track record for global and China submission
  • CTD-format with version control or customized to meet local requirements
  • Further integration with IND-enabled toxicology and clinical and regulatory services

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