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Company History

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14th Anniversary for Medicilon

  • 2019

    - Medicilon Inc. – Announcement of an IPO
    on Sci-Tech Innovation Board in China
    - (stock code : 688202.SH)
    - Fifteenth Anniversary Celebration Series
    - Passed the Review of GLP & AAALAC
  • 2018

    - Nanhui R&D Center Officially Operate
    - IND approved in Sweden

  • 2017

    - Medicilon established the preclinical cardiac safety
    assessment study platform
    - Established the clinical BE biological analysis platform
    - Established an inhalation and ophthalmic administration
    evaluation platform
    - Established the registration and declaration service platform
    - Expand the Tumor Center
    - The introduction of new high-throughput Biacore
    experimental instrument
    - The introduction of new multiple LC-MS / MS mass spectrometers
  • 2016

    - Medicilon was awarded as “Shanghai Academicians
    and Experts Workstation Qualified Unit”
    - Medicilon completed the construction of preparation center
    and microbial laboratory
    - Medicilon completed the construction of preparation center
    and GMP pilot plant
    - Established the tumor immunology service platform
    - Established the biotechnology drug and
    bioanalysis service platform
    - Established the ADC (Antibody Drug Conjugate)
    preclinical service platform
    - Establish a "Generic Drug Quality Consistency
    Assessment Service Platform"
    - The introduction of the new mass spectrometer, Triple Quad 6500
    - The introduction of the new IVIS Lumina III Imaging System
  • 2015

    - Expansion of the New Laboratory Area with 10,000 square meters
    - Medicilon held first Congress of science and technology Association
  • 2014

    -Tenth Anniversary Celebration Series
    -Approved the Establishment of Academicians and Experts Workstations
    -Expansion of the New Laboratory Area with 10,000 square meters
    -Expand Isotope Biomarker Services
    -Passed the Review of CFDA GLP
  • 2013

    -Successfully introduce new foreign drugs to domestic
    pharmaceutical companies
    -Establishment of new three party collaboration model:
    Foreign Enterprise – Medicilon – Domestic
    Pharmaceutical Company
    -Chinese government officially approve Shanghai
    Medicilon Inc. become
    the holding company of MPI Preclinical Research
     (Shanghai) LLC
  • 2012

    - Participate the filming of “DaDaoTongXing” as
    the representative of Shanghai high-tech enterprises
    - Provide the complete application for both CFDA and
     FDA IND filing
    - Three party collaboration to promote the drug
    development process
    - Undertake the “Twelve Five Year Project” on
    creating new drug task
    - GLP is successfully reviewed by both FDA and CFDA
  • 2011

    - China’s SFDA officially approved
    Medicilon’s GLP Certification
    - Medicilon recognized as a “Cultivated
    Little Giant Enterprise” in Shanghai’s high
    technology industry
  • 2010

    - Fortune Capital signed investment
    agreement with Medicilon aimed for
    IPO in China
    - Medicilon is recognized as one of the
    top seven integrated services CRO in
    China in Citi Investment’s report
    - Medicilon "Shanghai isotope Drug
    Metabolism professional and technical
    services platform", selected the first
    batch of ”Shanghai professional and
    technical service platform”.
  • 2009

    - Medicilon gets international AAALAC Accreditation
    - Medicilon preclinical research facilities compliance
    with US GLP standard
    - “Protein-crystallography-based Drug Discovery
    and Screen Platform
    ” of Medicilon was listed in Shanghai R&D Public
    - “NHP Experimental Service Platform” of
    Medicilon/MPI was listed in Shanghai R&D Public
    Service Platforms
    - Medicilon established CMC platform
  • 2008

    - Animal facility in Medicilon approved by Shanghai
    Animal Committee, was issued the License of
    Laboratory Animal (Rat, Mouse, Dog and Monkey).
    - The joint venture company, Medicilon Preclinical
    Research, registered in Shanghai, begins to provide
    preclinical GLP services.
    - Laboratories expanded to 20,000 Square meters
    in the Chuansha campus to include the large
    animal facility (40 animal rooms) in Shanghai.
  • 2007

    - Joint Venture agreement between Shanghai
    Medicilon Inc. and MPI Research signed
    - Commenced non-GLP preclinical research and
  • 2006

    - Medicilon was acknowledged as Hi-tech
    Enterprise by Shanghai Science Commission.
  • 2005

    - Trademark “美迪西”(Medicilon Inc.) approved by Chinese
    - Animal facilities were issued their respective licenses
    (Rat, Mouse, Rabbit, Dog and Non-human primates)
    - Established the first chemical synthesis FTE team
  • 2004

    - Medicilon registered in Shanghai,
    Laboratory construction in
    Zhangjiang Hi-tech Park
    - Initially provided Chemistry and
    Bioanalysis Services
    - First LC/MC/MC was imported
    for pharmacokinetics services