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New Models of Collaboration

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Fee for Service

  • • Quick turnaround on deliverable
  • • Competitive pricing and high quality

FTE Project

  • • Better cost structure
  • • More Control and Flexibility

Risk-sharing Program

  • • Milestone based, low initial cost
  • • Mutual efforts

Multi-party Collaboration

  • • Best deal with long term commitment
  • • All parties are significantly invested

 Strategic Alliance

Both parties will form the alliance based on risk and benefit sharing principle. This will make full use of both parties’ strengths in terms of technology, personnel and facilities to achieve win-win situation.

The main collaboration details are including but not limited to the following:

  1. Higher priority to provide the preclinical services on new drug project
  2. Risk-sharing on collaboration on new drug project
  3. Joint projects and business promotion
  4. Consultation on drug development strategy
  5. Research project filing

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 Three Parties Collaboration

With the management capabilities of foreign pharmaceutical enterprises, we could introduce some new drugs from these foreign pharmaceutical enterprises to domestic pharmaceutical companies and fulfill the standards of both China and USA regulations. This would be the new idea for new drug development in China.