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Cancer Xenograft Models

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Medicilon has over 100 well-characterized Tumor Cell Line Xenograft models.  Our experienced staffs operate with strong theoretical basis.  We offer the services which are flexible for custom development of various types of models to meet the requirements of our clients.

Tumor Xenograft Models

Cancer Type

Human Cancer Cell Lines

Head and Neck

FaDu, Detroit 562, CAL-27

Oral Epithelial Carcinoma


Lung Cancer

DMS114, NCI-H69, NCl-H146, NCl-H209, NCI-H446, NCI-H526, NCI-H1688, 95-D, A549, Calu-1, Calu-3, Calu-6, HCC827, NCI-H226, NCI-H292, NCI-H358, NCI-H441, NCI-H460, NCI-H520, NCI-H522, NCI-H1299, NCI-H1437, NCI-H1650, NCI-H1975, NCI-H1993, NCI-H2009, NCI-H2122, NCI-H2126, NCI-H2228, PC-10, QG-56, A427, H23, H1568, H2110

Breast Cancer

SUM159, MDA-MB-231, MDA-MB-468, Bcap-37, 2LMP, ZR-75-1, ZR-75-30, HCC70, HCC1954, MDA-MB-361, MCF-7, BT474

Gastric Cancer

MKN-45, NCI-N87, BGC-823, HGC-27, MKN-28, NUGC-3, SCH, SGC-7901, SNU-5, SNU-16, MGC-803

Pancreatic Cancer

AsPC-1, BxPC-3, Capan-1, Capan-2, CFPAC-1, HPAF-II,  MIAPaCa-2,  PANC-1, PANC-10.05

Renal Cancer

ACHN, OS-RC-2, 786-O, A498

Hepatocellular Carcinoma

Bel-7402, Hep-3B, Huh-7, PLC/PRF/5, QGY-7703, SK-HEP-1, SMMC-7721, HepG-2, JHH7



Colon and Cecum Cancer

COLO 201, COLO 205, COLO 320 DM, CW-2, DLD-1, HCT-8, HCT-15, HCT-116, HT-29, LoVo, LS1034, LS174T, LS411N, NCI-H716, RKO , SW48, SW620, WiDr, SW948, DiFi

Prostate Cancer

DU145,PC-3, LNCap, CL-1,

Urinary Bladder

HT-1197, HT-1376, RT4, SCaBER, SW780, T24

Ovary Cancer

ES-2, HO-8910PM, PA-1, SK-OV-3, OVCAR-3



AN3 CA, HEC-1-A, ME-180, MFE-280

Cervical cancer

SiHa, Hela

Skin Cancer

A431, Colo829


A375, A2058, C32, HMCB, SK-MEL-30, MDA-MB-435s, WM-226-4


MG-63, SJSA-1



Muscle, Striated



KMS-11, KMS-26, RPMI-8226 ,MM.1S

Leukemia / Lymphoma

U937, THP-1, MV-4-11, HEL, TF-1a, ML-2, HL-60,  K562, KARPAS-299, Daudi, RL, Mino, Raji, Ramos, ARH-77, KMS-12-BM, KG-1, JeKo-1, MAVER-1, CML-T1, MOLM-13, TMD-8, OCI-LY10, Nalm-6


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