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Analytical Chemistry

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Chemical Analytical Center of Medicilon provides general analysis and purification services for the clients. Our experts have rich experience, proficient skills to solve problems, which are highly appreciated by clients.

Featured Services - Impurity Analysis

  • Impurity isolation by Pre-HPLC
  • Impurity identification by 1D/2D NMR、LCMS、EA、HRMS、IR、UV et al
  • Isolation and identification of degradation byproduct of API
  • Q-NMR analysis
  • IND package preparation

Development and Validation of Analytical Methods (Complying with guidelines of CP, USP, EMA, ICH et al)

  • Methods of Purity and Assay
  • Methods of Residue Solvents 
  • Methods of Chiral Purity
  • Methods of Heavy Metal

General Analytical Services

  • LC-MS Analysis
  • HPLC Analysis (including ELSD)
  • Chiral HPLC Analysis
  • General Testing (ROI、LOD、Cl-、SO42-、mp、HM、specific rotation、water content, et al )

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