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Generics Consistency Evaluation

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In response to the national policy to improve the quality of drugs, to adapt to the new situation, Medicilon provide strong technical support for the domestic pharmaceutical enterprises to evaluate the consistency of generic drugs, and thoroughly solve the problem of the consistency evaluation of generic drugs.We have a wealth of experience in the development of generic drugs: have completed a number of generic drug registration; and a number of pharmaceutical companies signed a cooperation agreement.

Generic Medicine Evaluation of Consistency Quality Services

  • Quality Comparison of the Preparations and Generic Drugs
  • Prescription Technology Redevelopment Services
  • Animal BE Service

Medicilon Provide Generic Drug Quality Consistency Workflow

  • Determine the Reference Formulation
  • Method of Determining Key Indicators
  • Comprehensive Comparison between Reference and Generic Drugs
  • Re-development of Prescription and Manufacture Process
  • Pilot Production Scale Up, Production Technology Transfer
  • Animal BE Services (Optional)
  • Data Collation

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