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Shanghai Medicilon appoints two department vice presidents

저자:medicilon   업로드:2021-04-25  조회수:

Shanghai Medicilon Inc. recently assigned Dr. Haifeng Yin as the vice president of process chemistry and formulation study, Dr. Baohong Cao as the vice president of pharmacology. Dr. Chunlin Chen, the founder and CEO of Medicilon, welcomed the two and hoped that their participation will bring new innovation and development momentum to Medicilon, bringing a higher level of industry insight and strategic guidance.

Dr. Haifeng Yin Ph.D.

Dr. Haifeng Yin Ph.D.

Medicinal chemistry Ph.D. in China Pharmaceutical University. Over 30 years of study in the pharmaceutical industry. He once worked on peptides and combinatorial chemistry at the Carlsberg Research Center in Denmark, and participated in the construction of HTS solid-phase drug screening models. At Ohio State University in the United States, he synthesized the hexasaccharide repeat structure and all its fragments that make up the bacterial cell wall, and led the study of its stereoselectivity. During his Ph.D. in medicinal chemistry at China Pharmaceutical University, he participated in the imitation of a variety of drugs, and participated in the total synthesis of the natural product disteroids extracted from the deep sea sponge. Prior to his appointment at Medicilon, Dr. Yin served as vice president and president at PepTech Corporation (Shanghai), China.

Dr. Baohong Cao Ph.D.

Dr. Baohong Cao Ph.D.

Over twenty-five years of combined professional experience in Academic research and Pharmaceutical industry and over 10 years of people/team manage experience. Surgery Ph.D. in Beijing Medical University, post-doctoral research associate at State Serum Institute, Copenhagen, Denmark. Dr. Cao used to do research work at University of Pittsburgh & Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, Benaroya Research Institute (Seattle) and Novartis Institutes of Biomedical Research. His work was published by top academic magazines, such as Nature Cell Biology, Nature Biotechnology and Journal of Cell Biology. Prior to Medicilon, Dr. Cao worked for Shanghai ChemPartner Co., Ltd. as senior director, MI Bioresearch Inc. as study operations director and Wuxi Apptech Inc. as senior director in Immune oncology.

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