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Join us at the CABA 2016 Annual Conference at Boston

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    Good news again from Chinese-American BioMedical Association (CABA). CABA’s 2016 Annual Conference will be held concurrently with CABA’s Job Fair in Boston on April 30. It is a great opportunity for both the speech from professionals and finding the new career opportunities. Medicilon, as one of the sponsors, will set up a booth during the conference. We welcome you to attend the conference and we look forward to seeing you there.

    As CABA’s most influential event, the conference attracts hundreds of life scientists, professionals, venture capitalists, patent lawyers and highly talented students from the Greater Boston area. The conference consists of 2 parts, academic speech and job fair. There will be 10 senior executives of leading pharmaceutical companies, prominent scientists and entrepreneurs from both US and China to share their perspectives on biomedical research and business development in the current world economy. Dr. Jun Wang, Medicilon’s VP of Biology, will be there to give out a presentation on the topic of “The perspective of Pharmaceutical and CRO Industry in China”.

    “For Pharmaceutical and CRO Industry, focusing on production and innovation is certainly important, but I would say the insight of perspective needs is vital to the company’s future,” Dr. Jun Wang stated, ”The Pharmaceutical and CRO is a good and emerging industry in China. From views of opportunities for starting a business, investment, returnees job market, new Chinese regulations relating to generics and transfer of patent for new medicine in recent years, Chinese Pharmaceutical Industry is now becoming more rigorous and innovative. Chinese government paid great attention to the development of pharmaceutics and its promotion internationally. This would be a good opportunity for CRO industry. Seizing this opportunity will boost our development and pushing forward the development of pharmaceutics in China. Therefore, I am confident with the future development of pharmaceutical and CRO Industry in China”.

    As one of the top CRO companies in China, Medicilon continuously adjusts its development according to the changing of the environment.  In order to satisfy the needs of one-stop service in the market, Medicilon gradually develops the services of compound synthesis, structural biology, pharmacodynamics evaluation, pharmacokinetic and toxicological evaluation.  The one-stop service, that Medicilon provides, accredited by international drug authorities.

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