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Shanghai International Service Trade Demonstration Project

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Recently, the "2021 Yangpu Service Trade Digital Transformation Forum" under the guidance of the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce and the People's Government of Yangpu District was grandly held. This forum is one of the supporting activities of the 4th China International Import Expo.

The 2020 Shanghai International Trade in Services Demonstration Project and Demonstration Base Awarding Ceremony was held at the forum.

Shanghai Medicilon Inc. (Medicilon)’s " Safety Evaluation of Biotechnology Drugs and Non-Human Primates Service Platform" and "Professional Technical Service Platform for Isotope Drug Metabolism Research" were selected as Shanghai International Service Trade Demonstration project. It is reported that only 13 projects in Shanghai have been selected as "Shanghai International Service Trade Demonstration Project".

Shanghai International Service Trade Demonstration Project

When the trend of economic globalization is irreversible, the internationalization of pharmaceutical industry will become inevitable. Since its establishment, Medicilon has steadily implemented its international strategic layout. Since 2009, Medicilon’s preclinical animal experiment base has established a research operation process and quality system that is aligned with international standards. Medicilon has successfully passed AAALAC certification, CFDA GLP certification, and achieved China NMPA, US FDA, Australian TGA, and European EMEA. Medicilon is exploring a technological path developed in China in compliance with international standards.

At the same time, in the face of the rapid development of international trade, the demand for innovative services is increasing day by day. Medicilon insists on investing in technological innovation, and actively builds a professional service platform for the safety evaluation of biotechnology drugs in non-human primates, a professional technical service platform for isotope drug metabolism research, a protein degradation technology (PROTAC) service platform, small molecule drug development for kinase inhibitors platform, tumor immune drug efficacy evaluation service platform, inhalation and ophthalmic drug evaluation service platform, AI-assisted new drug design service platform, and other innovative service platforms. Medicilon utilizes the innovation to drive the high-quality development of the industry.

The two major technical service platforms of Medicilon were selected as demonstration projects

The two major technical service platforms of Medicilon were selected as demonstration projects, which fully affirmed Medicilon's efforts in improving international service trade, and also provided another impetus for Medicilon to enter the international pharmaceutical stage.

It is worth noting that Medicilon has established an International Discovery Service Unit to provide global drug research and development with high-quality, efficient and cost-effective synthetic chemistry, drug design, and new drug candidate compound services to our global drug development clients. In the future, Medicilon will continue to uphold the concept of “innovation driven, quality first” to help China's innovative drugs to go abroad and let China's new drug research and development services shine in the world.

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