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Come and Join Medicilon at Booth # 114 in DOT.

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Discovery on Target (DOT) is an industrial preeminent event on novel drug targets and technologies for drug discovery professionals. DOT highlights advances in the current and emerging “hot” targets and technologies, as well as target validation strategies for the discovery and development of novel therapeutic agents, ranging from biologics to small molecules.

Medicilon, as one of the leading preclinical CRO, has developed integrated solutions for cutting-edge drug strategies and novel targets to keep up with the biotechnology industry and meet your research needs.

WHAT WE CAN DO in terms of new strategies and novel targets:

PROTAC Discovery

PROTAC Discovery

ADC preclinical R&D

ADC preclinical R&D

mRNA Vaccine Bioanalysis

mRNA Vaccine Bioanalysis

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Address: 1 Broadway, 9th FL,Cambridge Innovation Center, Cambridge, MA 02142

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